Our Story

Welcome to Vedya: Embracing the Timeless Wisdom of Ayurveda across Generations

At Vedya, we are privileged to have covered the realms of Ayurveda for three generations, steadfastly upholding the sacred knowledge bestowed upon us by our ancestors and rooted in the ancient treasures of our culture: the Vedas, Shasta’s, and Ayurveda. With over a century of expertise in this field, our pharmacy stands as a beacon of excellence.

Our journey is entwined with the profound principles and practices outlined in the Vedas, Shasta’s, and the Ayurvedic culture, which we diligently adhere to throughout our manufacturing process. We are proud to be affiliated with institutions that share our commitment to preserving these time-honored traditions. And the same traditions which are also followed by the Ayurveda institutions which are Banaras Hindu University and the National Institute of Ayurveda, both under the esteemed Uttarakhand University of Ayurveda.

Nestled in the heart of Haridwar, our sprawling 85-acre pharmacy boasts an impressive capacity to produce a wide array of Ayurvedic products and formulations. Among our most esteemed creations is ASAV, a flagship product that defines our pharmacy's excellence. ASAV is processed and distributed in wooden barrels, with a staggering capacity of approximately 2.5 lakh liters.

For a century, our pharmacy has thrived without the crutch of marketing and advertising, thanks to our unwavering commitment to excellence and the trust we have earned. Our enduring success can be attributed to a simple yet powerful truth: our reputation precedes us.

World-renowned institutes such as Rishikul Ayurvedic Medical College and Gurukul Ayurvedic Medical College, both affiliated with Uttarakhand Ayurved University, play a pivotal role in promoting our pharmacy's products. Graduates and postgraduates from these institutions witness firsthand the efficacy of our offerings, leading them to recommend our products to their patients. When a doctor achieves remarkable results through Ayurvedic treatments, their fame and blessings naturally follow, and patients enthusiastically spread the word about the healing power of Ayurveda and our pharmacy's products.

At Vedya, we believe in the transformative potential of Ayurveda, and we are humbled by the trust our patrons place in us. Our journey is one that has been propelled by the sincere endorsements of those who have experienced the healing touch of Ayurveda through our products. As the saying goes, actions speak louder than words, and our enduring legacy is a testament to the effectiveness of Ayurveda, endorsed not by extravagant marketing campaigns, but by the enduring faith of those who have found solace and wellness through our offerings.

At Vedya, our unwavering commitment is to provide humanity with the most profound blessings of Ayurveda. Our pharmacy is meticulously designed to embody the essence of authentic Ayurveda, adhering to precise protocols and utilizing nature's finest ingredients in all our formulations and Ayurvedic blends.

Vedya represents a harmonious fusion of trust in the timeless wisdom of Ayurveda, carried forward by over a century of experience from our Vaidya’s and Ayurvedic scholars. Our mission is clear: to offer the very best to society, a natural blend that is often recognized and recommended by general practitioners and consultants alike.

We seamlessly integrate the wisdom of Ayurveda with cutting-edge research and development, ensuring that society, especially the common people, has access to only the most authentic products. Our legacy is one of affordability, making these timeless remedies accessible to all.

Our preparations strictly adhere to Vedic principles, employing traditional techniques and knowledge to create holistic and natural remedies. This approach harmonizes the mind, body, and spirit, drawing from ancient wisdom and practices. 

We take pride in being a cruelty-free enterprise, crafting our products with utmost ethics and care to ensure no harm befalls animals at any stage of production. Enjoy our offerings with a clear conscience, knowing they promote a better, more compassionate world.


As a GMP-certified unit, we uphold stringent quality and safety standards, guaranteeing the production of pharmaceuticals and other products that meet regulatory requirements for the highest levels of quality and purity.

Furthermore, our ISO certification reflects our steadfast commitment to excellence across all facets of our operations. This ensures that our customers can trust in the quality and integrity of our products and services, making their satisfaction our top priority.