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GURUKUL Kangri White and black Surma, carefully crafted with a blend of precious ingredients including antimony, white and black pearl, and Bhimseni camphor, offers several benefits for eye health.

Name of Manufacturer: Gurukul Kangri

Name of Manufacturer: Gurukul Kangri

Manufactured By: Gurukul Kangri Pharmacy, Haridwar- 249404

Marketed By: The Vedya: Shakti Sansthan, Yogendra Pal Shastri Marg, Singhdwar, Kankhal, Haridwar, Uttarakhand (249404) India.
Country of Origin: India

  • Antimony (Sb2S3): This is a primary ingredient and gives surma its black color.
  • White Pearl Powder: Adds a brightening and lightening effect to the kohl.
  • Black Pearl Powder: Enhances the rich black color of the surma.
  • Bhimseni Camphor (Kapur): Adds a cooling and soothing effect to the eyes.
  • Other herbs and oils: It also includes herbal extracts, oils, or other natural ingredients for additional benefits and fragrance.

Eyes Rejoice: Surma's Beauty and Benefits This traditional eye preparationis renowned for its effectiveness in addressing common eye issues such aswatery eyes and weakness. The combination of these valuable medicinalcomponents ensures that it not only enhances eye health but also reflects thetime-honored wisdom of traditional remedies.

  • Protection from Harsh Sunlight: Surma is often applied around theeyes to act as a natural sunblock, reducing the harsh effects of sunlight andpreventing glare.
  • Eye Cooling: The application of surma can provide a soothing andcooling effect to the eyes, making it particularly beneficial in hot and dryclimates.
  • Antiseptic Properties: The traditional formulations of surma contain natural ingredients with antiseptic properties, which could help protect the eyes from infections.
  • Reduced Irritation: Surma also help reduce eye irritation bykeeping dust and pollutants away from the eyes.
  • Enhanced Eye Definition: Surma can define and highlight the eyes, enhancing their beauty and making themappear more expressive.
  • Tradition and Culture: In many cultures, applying surma is a Traditional Practice with culturalsignificance, often used as a mark of beauty and identity.

At Vedya, we are dedicated to offering the finest Ayurvedicand natural eye care solutions. Our expertise in Ayurveda is backed by over 110years of collective experience from Gurukul Kangri Pharmacy and our team ofAyurveda experts.

To apply surma, begin by thoroughly washing your hands. Use a clean applicator, like an eyeliner brush or a specialized kohl applicator, and ensure it is clean and dry. Tilt your head slightly back, exposing the inner rim of your lower eyelid. Apply a thin line or dot of surma along the inner rim, avoiding the inner corner to prevent discomfort. Blink or close your eyes to evenly distribute the surma. If desired, you can apply surma to the upper eyelid, avoiding contact with the eye. Ensure comfort and no irritation; if discomfort or excessive tearing occurs, remove the surma immediately. Seal the surmacontainer tightly to prevent drying or contamination, and practice good hygiene by not sharing your surma.

It is suitable for use by individuals of all ages, including children, men, and women

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